What is to be learned from the completely unacceptable films of Bobcat Goldthwait, which are utterly devoid of lessons?

Souled American illustrates a process by which, via gradual disappearance, one arrives at a country music that's never been played before. 

Seeking a solution to the great complexities of Ralph Eugene Meatyard's photographs by visiting every house he ever lived in, not finding the solution, and realizing that this is the very reason why his work is so good.

When he sat down to do it, Ângelo took the entire world and dissembled it so that he could cram everything in the space of 203 pages. The entire world in one book, except he has forgotten to include one thing: the celebration.

To get to Carbondale from Normal you go south on Main Street and just keep going. Cornfields replace the fast-food restaurants and strip malls. The road is renamed Highway 51. There’s an occasional small town complete with a stoplight, a dilapidated post office, and the small, windowless skyline of a grain elevator. There isn’t a single turn, barely even a bend in the road. Oddly enough, this direct drive will also take you, in four hours, from Flann O’Brien’s oeuvre (at Dalkey Archive Press) to the Flann O’Brien archives (at Southern Illinois University’s Morris Library).